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I had a really good day today, and last night. Feeling really very happy despite the fact that my prep work for tomorrow’s presentation in the seminar has been minimal to say the least. Never mind. After tomorrow it’ll all be over with! There were a fair few people in uni as well today which was a total shock to me. Maybe the start of a better studio atmosphere? I hope so.


Offroading It!

•January 8, 2009 • 6 Comments

Ok so I’ve been mentally travelling off the beaten track, and suffering from a bumpy road lately. Plus I went through a rather nasty bout of The Female Monthly Plague after the previous post, but things have settled hormonally.

[Interlude: I just patiently informed my partner that should he electrocute himself whilst installing an outside yard light I would hit him with a broom until he’s better. I’m a giver.]

Hmmm due to the sudden increase in swearing coming from various electrical outlets around the house, I think my blogging will have to be postponed. All power will soon probably be lost! Ah well. Just currently testing my possible return to blogging.

Little thought for the day: How would I know if I suffered from something more than just ‘clinical depression’ and more like manic depression or bi polar or personality disorder or something????

Look Ma, no hands!

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So it’s nearly a new year. I’m loving how often I post. What a wonderful blogger I am. Ach weeeeeell.

Things are/have been/not always but often going a bit pants. The world’s economy crumbles into dust and how dare it personally affect me! Charming. I seem to exist in a quasi permanant state of disappointment and discomfort.


Bring on the new year and a more positive outlook for me. Please?

Right lets see. A little checklist for some areas that can be improved in my life:

  • Ignore the irritating, ignorant, and immature students that are in my studio. Surely they will fuck off the course in time. One can but hope.
  • Money matters. Why are things so consistantly rubbish in that respect? And I need to cultivate a way to distance myself from other peoples problems so as to not take them on board with my own. My psychological ship just keeps tipping and dipping under the water from the strain.
  • I need to accept my mudane life for what it is. I have a feeling of stagnation and uselessness. Feelings of ‘what on earth is the point to living again?’ Is this because it’s the end of a very hard year? In particular these last six months? But the bad bollocks just continues from one ‘bad year’ to the next. Saying its a bad year is misrepresentative. Just because it’s December and chronologically there is an end? God I sound like I should up my anti-depressents.
  • Erm, review anti-depressent medication level!!!!
  • Plague the doctor for my various medical issues.
  • Continue to study art, the piano and learning the violin – makes me get out of my head.


I guess maybe I feel a bit better for having written something down.

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I’ve been madly busy so haven’t been able to blog much.

Main events:

  1. Boyfriend moved up north to be near me (wooo!)
  2. Sprogs went away on hols with their dad.
  3. My emotions have been mostly quite low because of point 2, which has been a big shame for point 1! I think he understands, but even so.. It’s a shame.
  4. I’ve been reading more of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and been loving it more and more with each chapter, am now three quarters through the third book.
  5. I’ve painted a large abstract, woo:

I’ve been in stitches!

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More positive things today:

I went for a physiotherapy appointment about my back again today and my therapist was so impressed with my improvement and attitude towards helping myself with the Pilates that she’s discharged me to continue the good work on my own. My pain level has gone from a 7 at worst to a 4, and I’ve lost inches from various areas around my body, so it’s all good. Now I’ve just got to keep it up. Which is hard when you’re ill.

My bro’s wii fit board likes me too! Says I’m ‘no stranger to excersize’ and I keep getting four stars and beating his scores! That’ll be that competative edge in me again.


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I might get a chance to do another commisioned piece for another play soon. Now that’s something to be excited about. My other commisioned painting is touring up in Edinburgh at the moment. Such a buzz. I hope I get some photo’s soon so that I can see it on the set.

At the mo I’m working on a mixed media piece, well when I’m not feeling a bit pants and under the weather. This damn cold!