I keep randomly pointing at out of place ojects in the rooms of my house and shouting their names. That’s what comes of playing those Hidden Object games waaaaay too often. They are stupidly addictive and a complete waste of time, however we managed to find an ‘art’ version so I almost felt like I was doing research or something. Says something though when I can identify my home with the messes that are the Hidden Object scenes. Ach well.

Things have gone farely well today, with yesterday being just as chipper. Since the kiddies have finished evacuating from either end, I’ve been able to pop ‘Mummy’ role to the back of my head a little more and let ‘Art Student’ me out to play.  Today has even seen me embrace ‘Healthy Salad Eating Woman’ into my persona again, despite the lure of sandwiches. Did you know that lettice is brilliant for depression? And bananas. Now if I could just find my inner ‘Pilates Instructer’ then my life might be in balance. Fuckit.

What else has been going on.. Am a little bit in love with parts of a new song I’ve found by La Roux called In The Kill. Also have booked some tickets for Ladyhawke at the Club Academy (yes!) so things are musically sound.


~ by ambiguous artisan on February 13, 2009.

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