Snow Days and Summaries

I promised to update more.. and here I am.

The presentation (on Robert Hughes thoughts behind the beginning of Cubism from his book, The Shock Of The New) was very surreal. I went first as planned, and as expected I had a couple of butterflies zipping around my belly. I managed to talk without rushing or saying ‘Um’ or ‘Basically’ too often, and overall I believe it went well. I went on for ages anyway so that was something. No padding needed.

Most importantly though, the assessment also seemed to go well, although I won’t know what mark I’ve been given for a few weeks. I initially found it quite hard to discuss my more deeper meanings with the tutors. Hesitant I imagine for fear of sounding like a twat. After a bit they forced it all out of me, and there were plenty of positive comments. So fingers crossed. Most importantly I’ve been told to slow down, focus, and spend more time on ideas before moving on. “You’re a great student, now you need to learn to be a great artist.” Ok then!

I’m hesitant to drive into uni today. Siberian weather front is in full flow this side of the Pennines and people are driving like crazy buggers through the snow. But check out my view:

From the back


~ by ambiguous artisan on February 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Snow Days and Summaries”

  1. Hooray for presentation going well 🙂

    “Hesitant I imagine for fear of sounding like a twat”

    ha, I know that feeling well, especially when talking in class, but its always fine once you have done it.

    Love the photo, but hating this cold 😦

  2. Hi Claire,
    Today was bitter!!!! I was smuggling nuts I can tell ya.

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